Uveitis Psoriasic in a Child: A New Case Report


  • Natalia González Department of Dermatology, University Hospital La Fe, Valencia (Spain)


Uveitis is characterized by a process of intraocular inflammation resulting from various causes, considering psoriasis and uveitis as immunemediated diseases. When psoriasis is a systemic, chronic, immunologically based, genetically mediated disease that is highly influenced by the environment. Recently, the relationship between psoriasis and various comorbidities, especially metabolic syndrome, have become extremely serious diseases. 7-year-old girl, with uveitis and plaque of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis the association of uveitis and psoriasis without joint involvement. It seems that psoriasis without arthropathy is not a risk factor for the development of uveitis. Uveitis tends to develop more frequently in patients with arthropathy or pustular psoriasis than in patients with other forms of psoriasis. Ophthalmological examination should be performed periodically in patients with psoriasis and uveitis. If ophthalmopathy is diagnosed, the patient must receive adequate treatment to prevent vision loss.



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