Cholelithiasis in an infant with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis


  • Nasir u din Wani(MS) Department of cardio vascular and thoracic surgery1 Paediatric surgery2 SKIMS, Soura, Srinagar Kashmir - 190 011( INDIA),


Objective: To report a case of cholelithiasis with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in a young infant and review the literature.

Methods: A case of hypertrophic pyloric stenosis with cholelithiasis diagnosed during ultrasonographic evaluation is described.

Results: A 3 month old infant presented with vomiting from day 7 of life was diagnosed as hypertrophic pyloric stenosis with cholelithiasis. Predisposing factor for cholelithiasis was starvation and dehydration secondary to pyloric stenosis. The patient was managed with open pyloromyotomy with cholecystectomy. Conclusion: Cholelithiasis in childhood is considered a rare condition, usually associated with hemolytic disease, TPN, starvation etc. The increase in the use of ultrasonography has contributed to an increase in the diagnosis among newborns and young infants. This case report alerts to the possibility of gallstone formation following prolonged starvation.




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